About Primerist

Primerist is an electronic rock band, founded in 2012 by Alex Peake in San Francisco, California.

Alex is responsible for Primerist’s direction, working with various collaborators and algorithms.


World In Progress Album

Primerist’s first project is a game soundtrack for Code Hero.called World In Progress.



Teaching music at Songbridge

Alex cofounded the Songbridge music mentoring community. Alex teaches music and audio production at Noisebridge Hackerspace and online at Twitch.tv/primerist.



Why Primerist?

primerist (noun): someone who plays a learning game that helps them learn how to make more learning games to make make all knowledge playable.

Primer refers to Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer. The Primer is a magic-seeming nanotech fairy tale book containing a talking AI/human hybrid mentor like a dungeon master in a lifelong learning role-playing game. I grew up wanting to make learning games, and the games I wanted to make reminded people of the Primer enough times that I gave in to the tenth reccomedia and became a primerist.

I gave a talk about it called Autocatalyzing AI/IA Symbiosis at Humanity+@Caltech. I make games that teach people how to make games that teach everything else in order to turn players into primerists.

I aspire to make music making music that teaches people how to make songs that teach.


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