Music Tech

Musicians share lists of things they use. Talking about music is like dancing about architecture, so you talk tech till you’re ready to talk music.



  • MacBook Pro Retina: Triple boots Mac 10.11/Windows 10/Ubuntu 16, it only runs everything.
    • Logic Audio: Primary DAW, instrument library is unique especially Alchemy
    • Ableton Studio: 4th DAW for dubstep, teaching and live controllerism
    • Propellerheads Reason: 2nd DAW, it didn’t record when I switched to Logic
    • Propellerheads Rebirth: My 1st “DAW”, great retro 808/303 switch flipping
    • Audacity: Noise removal and sample manipulation
    • VSTs
      • Apple Alchemy: The 6 preset XY pad can make songs with 1 “instrument”. Apple bought Alchemy but you can still find the pre-Apple version for use as a VST other DAWs.
      • iZotope Stutter Edit: Glitch on command
      • Cymatics Serum: The Dubstep making machine
      • NI Massive: Drop-bass synths



  • Instruments
    • Novation Remote XL 61 MIDI controller keyboard: Automap screen, find out what knobs do, song gets heavier
    • Mann SG Guitar with Dimarzio pickup: An 80s relic, still shreds
    • Ableton Live Akai Pro controller: Ableton lights up the session view as buttons, Push 2 might work better if I used it heavily
    • Rode NT1A compression microphone, pop stand, mic stand: Nearly transparent noiseless mic for low cost
  • 6U SKB R6W Roto Molded Rolling Rack Case: Keeps everything together
    • 1U Presonus Firestudio Project
    • 1U Furman power conditioner: Gleaming twistfoil stymies power goblins from Earth’s dark heart, schemeing to destroy sensitive AV equipment
    • 3U iStarUSA 3U Steel Rackmount Server Chassis D-300-PFS: rackmount cases are great for keeping all the cables in one rolling box
      • Dual-boot Hackintosh: I love my Mac but I’m also a game developer and EVGA 1080 SC GPUs with nearly silent fans are a thing now.
    • 1U grille (turns out most GPU power connectors are on top, requiring 4U)
    • Cables, various: to route audio from Mac, Hackintosh and other devices into Firestudio like a mixer. Maybe it’s time to use an actual mixer.

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